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We draw knowledge from around the world to stimulate financial innovation and drive positive economic change. We call ourselves “dreamers and doers” for a reason: we can make happen not just what is possible, but what is impossible. We offer unique investment opportunities of different sizes across multiple industries.

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Capital Ventures

Visionary minds and adventurous spirits who are drawn to the opportunity of making the world a more energy secure, efficient and sustainable one, where leading-edge innovation meets scalable investment growth.

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Solution Groups

We are collaborating on fresh ideas and new solutions in our engine room of creativity and innovation. We’re constantly looking for solution-based groups with a good knowledge of advanced energy technologies and system dynamics.

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Green Energy Specialists

Energy modelling is critical for the energy sector as it is directly driving major activities and decisions such as the capacity planning for energy markets, as well as the pricing of long-term power supply contracts. 

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research & development firms

The most ambitious project in the world calls for the world’s ambitious people. The work we do here will have a lasting impact not just on how we live our lives, but on the future of infrastructure, technology and ultimately, the planet itself. 

Our Partners
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  • SVT Technologies Pte Ltd (SG)
  • SVT Construction Pte Ltd (SG)
  • ICP Global Pte Ltd (SG)
  • SVT Technologies Sdn Bhd
  • SVT Technologies Inc (US)
  • Kunming SVT High Density Electronics Technology Co Ltd
  • Guangzhou Xin Run Lighting Co Ltd
  • Beijing Long Yuan Cooling Technology Co Ltd