We embody the spirit of diversity in both business and environment.

We are all about connecting the brightest minds in the world through creative passion and determined drive to achieve the dream of building a better future.  Forged with human-centric values and cutting-edge green-technology, we aim to solve the world’s greatest challenges with a focus on the environment and sustainability.

Adopting principles that promote sustainable and regenerative development practices since 1960.
1960: Inception

Founded in the mid 60's by Mr Beng Lee Ang, SVT was a development company with a mission to promote community growth and regional sustenance. Having established an energy-secure power plant in Baling, the first generation of SVT leadership also commissioned and developed a series of hospitals, schools and public houses throughout the region.

1980 - 2000: Global Outreach

Upon reinstating its headquarter to Singapore in the mid 90's, SVT's second-gen leadership paved the way for green-tech partnerships toward a global network of research institutions. With facilities in China, Europe and USA, the company spearheaded an effort to develop sustainable materials for both commercial and industrial usage with a mission to reduces carbon footprint.

2000 - 2010: Innovating the Future

From specialising in high-density energy to patent researching. The next-in-line generation of SVT leaders combined technological advancement with academic disciplines across the world. The company was at peak growth with the evolution of green-technology.

2010: Revitalising Our Foundation

With over 50 years of corporate philosophy, the company's 3rd-generation leadership aims to reinvent the way technology integrates with human life. Well-equipped with a diverse skillset that bridges sustainability practices with machine-learning, the rise of SVT's third-gen leadership aspire to combine, transform and rejuvenate the company's legacy.

our contribution
A vision of a more climate-positive society

SVT was first brought onboard as the principal sponsor for Singapore’s 2017 national day event. We currently hold an amazing track record of being the principal sponsor for four consecutive years.