our execution
a new brand of sustainable innovation

We combine green-technology with solutions engineering teams to promote the most advanced standards of sustainable design. Our exceptional ability to pair outstanding strengths in sustainability-focused science and energy expertise allows us to translate business frameworks into real-world collaborations. 

OUR ethos

investing in the future of places, people and products.

multidisciplinary focus

Diversifying towards digital transformation, with a focus on sustainable investments, green-tech integration, and other skillsets of mutual interest within sustainable practices.

global engagement

We explore new and emerging platforms around the world to strengthen our institutional ties, working in hand with our partners to broaden energy co-operation.

modern sustainability

We believe that the future of green-construction practice lies within the sourcing and manufacturing of the most reliable and energy-secure materials. 

We're solution providers by heart, united by a sense of commitment to shaping a more secure and sustainable energy future.

Founded in Singapore with a robust partnership network around Asia, SVT is an innovation company that specialises on the most advanced research and development of energy efficient materials that partakes in the effort to achieve global sustainability.